Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I am now in Southern Bohemia, the sumava region to be exact... like any of you know what I am talking about anyways. I have been living on a farm here for the past 4 weeks, teaching dance at the camp the first two weeks and doing everything else the second. I have learned the ins and outs of tending a farm with 1 goat, 13 chickens, 1 rooster, 2 ducks, 20 rabbits, 3 horses, 3 cats, 1 chick, and 1 dog, plus 5 separate gardens. It is pretty incredible, and constant work... not to mention 2 girls and 1 grandma and 1 grandpa. I am a bit tired, but I will return and do it all over again.

After learning about an art and activism retreat in Slovakia, called Ecotopia, I extended my stay 3 weeks in order to attend. I am very excited about this upcoming adventure. I haven't really camped before, and now I am on my way to do a 2 week camping retreat... I am hardcore. yeah.

because i should get some rest, and there is no way I can make up for my lack of writing, here is a list of highlights from the past 4 weeks...
-overnight bike trip, thought building was abandoned but it was very much occupied, tower of misquitoes overhead, extremely cold and dewey, the moonlight was brighter than I have ever seen it before, continuous laughter
-first week campers' fotbal (soccer) game, three little ones together made one goalie, on wet grass, always rooting for the underdog, no holding back
-skinny dipping under the full moon
-frolicing in front of unused temple on top of the hill
-dancing at Rabi Castle
-picking bugs off the potato plants for fun
-scything and teaching others to scythe
-piling the hay before the rain pours
-meditation among the horses
-our "houseboat", building the raft, using the raft
-discotek at the school, the czechs actually asked to dance to Blackalicious, they slow danced to the Decemberists, Tomas practiced his manly dances
-Kristina and Cleopatra
-making linoleum prints
-eating snap peas off the vine
-picking arugala
-picking herbs
-eating wild strawberries and blueberries and raspberries
-cooking on the fire
-watching the stars
-doing yoga on wet grass, Kuba called it yogurt... cute.
-the night Daniella, the goat, got out, I was all alone, had to secure gate with my clothing leaving me nude, but goat got out agian, i slept under the stars in front of the gate
-dying fabric
-swimming in the river
-Klenova Castle
-hearing the word "heavenly" to describe almost everything

And so, for now this is all. I am constantly in awe of my fortune. This has been an incredible experience and I still have 4 weeks left. It is simply heavenly.