Sunday, November 04, 2007

Since getting internet access, officially one week ago, I’ve had much more reason to be on my computer. This means, naturally, computer games. While in college I deleted my games in order to lessen my distractions, but due to a new hard drive this summer, and rebooting of my software, the games are back on. My two favorites are FreeCell and Spider Solitaire. At first Spider Solitaire was my very favorite. I liked making use of the [m] button to highlight possible moves and the [ctrl]+[z] duo to undo past moves. I remember when my family discovered Spider Solitaire. Andrew was the first to learn about the game. He went off to college, and he came back to tell us all about this new game of solitaire where you pile like colored cards on top of each other in the standard solitaire order and the “difficult” version, with all four suits, is nearly impossible. We all got to experience this when Mom received a laptop from Santa in 2001.

Now I find FreeCell a preferable game. I like the option to restart the game, it’s like playing sudoku with a pencil. FreeCell seems more challenging than Spider Solitaire “medium” level (“difficult” is nearly impossible). There are many more ways to solve each puzzle, and, unlike Spider Solitaire, a bad beginning doesn’t necessarily equate a losing finish. But, mostly I like FreeCell because I can make use out of the tap-click mouse censor on my laptop. I only need a functioning index finger to play a good round (or ten) of FreeCell. I really think the tap-click feature of pc laptops is a superb addition. In FreeCell I only have to click on one column and then click on where I want to move it. There is no dragging or thumb pressing, just tap tap tap!

Over the past week, I’ve spent more than my share using that tap feature to win FreeCell matches. Literally, I’ve tapped away hours, only getting away to read an email between matches. And I’ve gotten pretty good at FreeCell, here’s my stats.

Won: 290 79%
Lost: 79

If you look at that closely you will realize that I’ve played 369 games, most in the last week, and that is not to mention the Spider Solitaire or Minesweeper that I use to break up the FreeCell fix. It’s sick and unproductive, but kind of fun. kind of.

Some day I hope to be a proud, pretentious Mac owner, but when that day happens, I will be missing my tap-click feature.

- - - -

Also, since writing that last post, and, admittedly, even before writing the post, I read the inscriptions by Goat Island. Now, I’ve read them many times. Last night, before starting with page 182 “stillness” (as recommended by CJ), I looked again at the inscriptions, and I thought “How loving,” and “This is so special. I am so lucky.”


Blogger Miracle said...

So life is getting better, huh? And please do come to the Mac side. The grass is always greener, you know, even if we don't have a touch pad.

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