Monday, September 25, 2006

I am back. For real. I think.
Today marks one month of being back in the United States and three full weeks of class at SLC. It feels weird, but it is happening and I need to break out the "fun is what you make of it" attitude. At least it is better than the "just graduate goddamnit" attitude. But I hold the freedom to drop in and out of either one as I please (or displease).

As for major achievements this month, I am still making performance art and have stuck to my creative guns. For instance, today I ate spaghetti at approximately 65% the speed and momentum of my natural tendency. I rehearsed slurping spaghetti in slow motion and then recorded myself doing it with XTC playing in the background. I think I am going to do this task live in gallery in the near future, but for now, the video does a good enough job at showing the sauce collecting on my lips and the neck muscles used to slurp noodles.
Another achievement, I am now following through with my whims more than ever, which makes significantly more weird than ever before. This is an achievement I do believe, although it is up for discussion.

I promise to write more often, but we will see what happens.