Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanks to Fave Bro, I've just consumed the classiest meal for one ever served on my purple yoga mat. Yes, Tasty Bite Bengal Lentils served with rice and lemon (as pictured on box) and tomato (not pictured on box, but pictured below). I lit a candle and put my ipod to shuffle. It accompanied me with Fiery Furnaces, Flaming Lips, and Bulah.

I've had a couple other note worthy meals while at the mill.

The first real exciting meal I made was carrot-ginger-pear soup with salad and riced-potatoes. The soup was made with carrots from our garden, pears from a relative's garden, and fresh goat milk from Dani. The most important part of this meal, though, was the riced-potatoes. Riced-potatoes is a delicacy known by few, probably just the Minnaert women. To make riced-potatoes, you press boiled potatoes through a strainer-like thing, like the play-dough barber kit or pretty much any of the play-dough accessories. The potatoes come out looking like rice. It's a perfect side dish for vegans!!!

For Halloween I attempted chili as per my family's tradition. I, of course, used only what I already had, so my chili consisted of lentils, white beans, barley, onions, tomato paste, and chili powder. I didn't have any crackers or bread or anything, so inspired by my recent trip to England I attempted Yorkshire pudding, sans recipe. I remembered Tracy telling me that it's just like pancake batter put in the oven. What I made did not taste like my memory of Yorkshire pudding, but it wasn't bad. Garnished with homemade salsa, the meal was a hit!

Due to the mice's continual infestation, I needed to use my bread, stat. How? Egg casserole, of course!!! So with 1/2 a loaf of bread, 12 eggs, blue cheese, onions, and red peppers, I made a mill version of mama's classic. I ate egg casserole for 3 days straight. I even learned how to heat it up on top of my wood burning heater. I think Wingo might have tried this casserole!


Blogger Miracle said...

No you didn't! Egg Casserole! The only thing that I could possibly say as a reaction is, "Good job, Annie. Good job."

P.S. The photos on Fave Bro's blog take me back to this time last year. Placemat turkeys, cookie turkeys and no less than 6 pies (not of turkey), remember? ;)

5:37 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

oh egg casserole...I just...don't...know.

6:13 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

I'm currently the sickest i've been since last year about this time...only then I had 2 moms and egg casserole to comfort me. Now I have nothing comparable :(

1:55 AM  

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